Structural Drafting

Silicon EC UK Ltd is a newly established organization offer a wide range of CAD, Engineering, and drafting services. Located in UK, we provide our services to all over country and global sceneario. We are flexible and professional with a strong backing verstaile domain experience complimented by best CAD and designing skillset. Each of undertaken project is created in highest standatrds utilizing latest industry 2D & 3D software tools. We stand out within industtry by offering quality and attention to detail as well as reliable in long run.

We offer Structural Drafting Services mainly to Structural Engineering firms, engineering organization, contractors, architects, and steel detailers. We have the right blend of experience and skills to cater Structural Design in the form of conceptual drawings from the eye of architectural visualizing. The in-house team at Silicon EC UK Ltd is a efficient enough to accomplish Structural Drafting project irrespective of scale and complexity. The main goal of Structural Drafting is reduce design cycle time and providing the design omce for all in order to save time.

Our Methodology

  • Member schedules
  • Member Placements
  • Strcutural Drawings
  • 2D Frame Analysis
  • 3D IFC Models
  • Connection details drafting
  • Precast Panels
  • Clash Detection and Resolution

We are passionate about pursuing excellence hence hard work and knowledge for us go hand-in-hand. We are an amalgamation of the top-notch team of structural engineers and steel detailers whose wealth of knowledge gains us to offer high-quality. We support our clients to integrate and grasp the latest structural technology for the allotted project within the budget, timeline, and standards.

Why Choose Us

  • Adherence to standardized codes
  • Time-Saving
  • Competitive Price Range
  • Innovation and Accuracy
  • Integrity and Excellence
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Augmented Resource as per project requirement
  • Security and Confidentiality for Client’s Data
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Time Bound Delivery

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